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At Perthshire Paintball we believe in responsible fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Safety

Whilst we accept that there are risks in any outdoor activity we believe that our guest’s safety is of paramount importance. For this reason, we provide safety overalls, goggles, neck guards, gloves and masks to guests to prevent injury.

Prior to the operation of any of our outdoor sites, there is a site inspection to identify any hazards and risks. Our guests receive a full safety briefing from the site’s marshals on arrival and are prompted throughout to keep the game clean.

Our Marshalls are all experienced in paintball tactics and are present during all gaming ensuring our guest’s health and safety, which is a priority for them. All of our Range Masters and Marshals hold current first aid certificate and a first aid kit is always available on site.

We have a comprehensive insurance package covering us for all eventualities on site.

Environmental Policy

Perthshire Paintball is fortunate to enjoy the use of some beautiful locations for its activities. The preservation of this wonderful environment is of great importance to us and we aim for our activities to have the minimum environmental impact.

By using several sites for our outdoor activities, enabling us to provide differing playing areas, we reduce the environmental impact on any one area. We use low impact colours for our completely biodegradable paintballs and do not erect any structures of a permanent nature; this also allows us to change the game areas quickly and easily and also lessens environmental impact.

Our operations director has a degree based in environmental science and regularly visits our sites to monitor our impact upon them. By reducing the impact upon our sites to a minimum, they are allowed to naturally regenerate rapidly after every visit. The paintballs that we use are bio-degradable, composed of glycerine and paper mulch. They are water based and dissolve when wet. We adhere to the Countryside Code and the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Sorry, there is a NO SMOKING policy on all of our sites apart from at the designated refreshment areas.

One thing we do ask is that you don’t shoot the wild animals – as you never know, they might shoot back!

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