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We can offer the following activities along side paintballing.

Allowing you to combine activities to create a full day or even a multi-day package. We can also arrange transport and accommodation and of course we can design tailor made packages for corporate, charity, stag or hen dos, get in touch to see how we can help.

Quad bikes
white water rafting

On Land

Quad biking

Before being let loose on the quad bikes you will receive a full safety briefing from our experienced instructors.Once our instructors are confident you have mastered the bikes you can head out along the local trails in search of some more challenging terrain. Once everyone is happy with their quads we take you up high into the Perthshire hillsBeware! This can be a very muddy adventure!!



Abseiling is a perfect way to conquer your fear of heights. Let our expert guides assist you as you lower yourself down a vertical rock-face and overhang before gently reaching the ground.All technical equipment such as harnesses and helmets, belay devices and dynamic ropes are supplied.


Come and experience the excitement of climbing on real rock in stunning Highland Perthshire.
Under the guidance of your instructor experience the feel of climbing and the pleasure of reaching the top!
All technical equipment is supplied.

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On Water

White water rafting

One of the most exciting river activities ever created. Whitewater rafts are engineered to handle everything the river can throw at them. You and the team will work with one of our experienced guides to navigate the raging rapids. The rapids come in a grade from 1 (flat, scenic) to 5 (high adventure). We have access to many rivers from the fun and bouncy Tay (Grade 2 and 3) to the mighty Orchy ( Grade 3,4 and 5). See you on the river.


If you like the idea of jumping, swimming, walking and even abseiling down the river, then canyoning is for you. A unique activity that sees you work with our highly trained canyon guides to descend through a steep gorge or canyon. At times throughout the trip you will get the chance to jump, scramble and swim in amazing natural beauty. Adrenaline will flow and excitement will be had.

River bugging

If you looking for something that resembles an inflatable armchair to whip you through the rapids then look no further. River bugging is high energy, adrenaline-fueled excitement. A team of buggers work with our highly trained river bugging guides to see every nook and crany the river has to offer. If rafting is the 4x4s of the river, then bugging is the low profile sports cars, you will feel and see everything like never before. Excitement guaranteed.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an off shot of traditional surfing which originated in Hawaii. A fairly new sport that has blossomed over the last few years, which has seen the sport diverge from the sea to the river. There is even people doing Stand Up Paddle Board yoga!!

We have a full fleet of boards and ready to take you down the river on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)


A cross between a white water raft and a kayak, a river duckie is an excellent and exciting way to experience the river under your own control. Navigate the rapids and experience the thrill of being the captain of your own Duckie. Each Duckie sits two and each trip is guided by one of our experienced guides from a kayak.




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Our sister company Splash White Water Rafting
All of our additional activities are provided by our sister company Splash White Water Rafting. We have over 20 years experience operating activities as Splash.
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